Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Friedmann’s main clinic is located at 201-1581 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC, V8T 2C1 (above the McDonalds across from Hillside Mall). Patient records and the administration of his practice is located at this address. This clinic is a non-dispensing clinic with no optical retail association.

Yes, Dr. Friedmann has been examining patients in care homes, hospitals and private residences for 25 years. He has invested in equipment to enable him to provide this mobile service, and patients do not need to leave the comfort of their room or bed to be examined by Dr. Friedmann.

Dr. Friedmann does not retail eyewear; he is a non-dispensing Optometrist. He believes that his professional duty as an Optometrist is to inform you with the evidence relating to your eyes without any bias (financial or other). Dr. Friedmann’s mission as your Optometrist is to educate you about the status of your eyes, and to ensure you understand the range of outcomes available to you so that you can choose what’s best for you.

Absolutely! Your prescription is yours to keep. We are happy to provide a replacement prescription in case you lose your original copy. We can also send your prescription to a dispensing Optician or Optometrist of your choosing, but you will need to sign a Patient Information Release form first.

Dr. Friedmann provides a prescription for glasses after your eye exam, which is a measurement of your eye power (sphere, cylinder, axis and add power) at the time of your exam. It’s like measuring your foot and saying how long and wide it is. He does not fit patients for contact lenses.

To get a prescription for contact lenses, a licensed dispenser (Optician or dispensing Optometrist) takes the prescription you got from Dr. Friedmann to specify what product/brand of contact lens to use, its base curve and radius. Using the shoe metaphor, it’s like going to a shoe store and choosing to purchase either hikers, runners, dress shoes, etc, based on your foot measurements. As you may well know, each shoe fits differently, depending on the brand of shoe, type of shoe and so forth.

Sometimes, a dispensing fee is charged by the fitter for this service.

You are most welcome to use the prescription you receive from Dr. Friedmann to purchase glasses online. We do, however, charge a separate service fee if you require assistance from our office to place your online order after your initial exam with Dr. Friedmann.

We suggest you let Dr. Friedmann know during your exam that you wish to order eyewear online so that he can provide you with the extra measurements you require in order to do so.

Dr. Friedmann does not suggest purchasing contact lenses online if you are a first time contact lens user, because there are extra measurements that must be taken by a licensed Optician or dispensing Optometrist. As with glasses, a service fee will apply if additional help from our office is required.

A full optometric assessment of the health of your eyes and vision is approximately 45 minutes. It is usually a dilated exam, which means you will either require a driver to take you home. Many of our patients are fine driving with sunglasses or a hat.

A full optometric eye examination provided by Dr. Friedmann in the Hillside clinic includes:

Full Case History

Diagnostic Imaging:

  • Retinal Imaging with OCT for disease detection of the retina and optic nerve, and to monitor high risk medications
  • Fundus Camera to show blood vessel defects, changes, deposits, scars, degeneration, inflammation, pigmentation

Diagnostic Testing:

  • Wavefront aberrometry to most accurately measure the refractive error
  • Refraction and simulation for day and night vision
  • Corneal topography for disease/damage, laser surgery suitability and contact lens
  • Higher order blur simulation when glasses/contacts/surgery do not provide best vision
  • Cataract opacity and screening
  • Eye pressure and corneal thickness (pachymetry) for glaucoma and laser surgery
  • Muscle function/balance
  • Colour vision
  • Depth perception
  • Visual field testing for glaucoma, neurological/stroke, driving
  • Dry eyes

Review of Findings and Choices (traditional and/or alternative)

Communication with other Medical and Allied Health Practitioners

Doctors of optometry are eligible to set their own fees for services and may bill MSP on behalf of their patients when there is coverage available. Patients are expected to pay the balance, if there is one. In advance of an appointment, the patient should be advised of the expected cost of the services, and whether MSP may cover any or all of it.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) provides limited or partial coverage for optometric services as a benefit for the following population groups:

  • Children ages 0-15 are fully covered by MSP – Once per year
  • Children ages 16-18 pay a full adult exam fee minus the MSP benefit
  • Adults ages 19-65 are not covered by MSP unless they have specific diseases
  • Seniors ages 65+ pay a full exam fee minus the MSP benefit – Once per year

MSP will cover the full cost of service for any optometric exam for the following conditions:

  • Investigating red eye, inflammation, infection
  • Foreign body removal
  • Pressure recheck
  • Medication renewal/review

Routine eye examinations are not an MSP benefit for individuals aged 19-64. However, due to the risk of systemic diseases on the health of the eye, medically required eye examinations continue to be a benefit for all MSP beneficiaries annually, and covers a portion of a full exam fee once a year.

Some systemic diseases associated with significant ocular risk that Dr. Friedmann frequently examines include (but not limited to):

  • Diabetes – Eye exam frequency: Once per year
  • Cancer (breast/lung) – Eye exam frequency: Once per year
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Eye exam frequency: Once per year
  • Glaucoma – Eye exam frequency: Once per year

The Ministry of Health recommended management of systemic diseases includes the routine monitoring of the health of the eye according to the above exam frequency. It’s the patient’s responsibility to return to their Optometrist for re-examination within the suggested time frame.

Please note: A full exam fee will apply for all exams provided to patients who return for re-examination after fourteen (14) months since their last eye exam, and for any new patients to our office.

Dr Friedmann, as a licensed Optometrist in BC, is regulated by the BC College of Optometrists. Part. In order for him to keep his licence in good standing, he must not only comply with the college by-laws with regard to the protection of personal information, but he must also adhere to the principles outlined in the Personal Information Protection Act of BC.

Our office requires all patients to sign a Consent for Personal Information Form when checking in for an eye exam for the first time, which clarifies our office’s policies regarding the protection of personal information. You are also welcome to ask to read our Privacy Policy.

Yes, our office can direct bill most extended health plans, but please note that very rarely is the full exam fee covered. Please provide our office with your policy numbers when you either book your exam or upon arrival so that we can check to see what coverage you have.